Restructure & Redundancy Solicitors

Being made redundant from your job is rarely welcome, unless you have opted for voluntary redundancy and a generous pay off. In most cases, redundancy is still felt like a dismissal from your job, usually caused by your employer having to either reduce the workforce or no longer needing to retain someone in your position.

We completely understand how you are likely to be feeling if you are made redundant and we can help you through the process to ensure you get exactly what you are due from your employer. Legally, for you to be made redundant, your job has to either disappear, or, if someone else’s job disappears they may be moved into your job if they are equally qualified. In such a situation you would to have to take redundancy unless you can claim for discrimination on a number of grounds, including age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religious beliefs.

The most important thing for you to know is that any redundancy selection has to be fair, which means you should be warned and consulted beforehand. Your employer should also take reasonable steps to redeploy employees affected and should consider any alternatives to redundancy. You should get any redundancy pay you are due and be given the correct amount of notice.

Where 20 or more employees in one establishment are being made redundant within a 90 day period, which is referred to as a ‘collective redundancy’, your employer has a duty to consult with the representatives of employees who could be affected.

If your employer uses redundancy to cover up the real reason for ending your employment, or fails to carry out the redundancy procedure properly, it may amount to Unfair Dismissal.

If you think you are being treated unfairly then please contact our experienced legal team for advice.