Family Mediation Services

When relationships break down an amicable solution can seem impossible, especially when you are feeling very emotional and don’t know what to do or where to turn. If children are involved, concern for their welfare can drive you to breaking point. This is where we can really help you. With Mediation we can give you a much needed helping hand so that difficult conversations can start between both parties and prove productive rather than incendiary.

Mediation involves you and your ex partner meeting with an independent mediator to talk through issues arising from your separation. This can include issues such as what is to happen with the family home? What should the arrangements be for the children? What financial support do each of you need? The purpose of mediation is not to assist client’s rekindle their relationship, but instead to ensure that the process of separation is as amicable and productive as possible.

Our qualified Mediators are trained to give both of you impartial guidance to help you to understand your choices and to move forward more easily than you ever thought would be possible. Mediation provides a neutral and calm environment for discussions to take place. You are encouraged to consider all the options available to you and you will have the opportunity to consult with your solicitor throughout the process should you choose.

Mediation has proven popular as it is not only a more cost-effective way to resolve disputes but also allows for disputes to be resolved quickly, allowing people to move on with their lives much sooner than if embroiled within court proceedings.

Our Resolution trained Mediator at Pictons is Siobhan Rooney who is a qualified and practising Solicitor who understands the law as well as being trained in Mediation skills.