Accident & Injury Claims Solicitors

When you are in a public place, such as the street, a shopping mall or a park, you should feel safe from the risk of injury unless you are doing something where you might be endangering yourself. By law, businesses and councils have to ensure that they minimise the risk to visitors, shoppers and residents so that they won’t be hurt either on their premises, in their shop or on a public walkway or parkway.

Accidents, however, do happen especially when and where you least expect them. If you have been hurt in a public place you may be liable for compensation from the business or organisation which should have taken the necessary steps to ensure your safety. Luckily most of us recover from a trip or fall but some victims are left with long term disabilities and may need substantial financial support.

If the party concerned is found to have been negligent your compensation will be based on your suffering and the results of your injuries, which may be preventing you from working and paying your bills. You may need to adapt your home and your transport if you have been physically disabled and you may even need private medical treatment to give you the speediest route to recovery.