Serious Injury Claims

The most serious kinds of injuries are those to the head, brain and spine and these will inevitably have a devastating effect not only on the victim but also on their loved ones. Serious injuries cause long term and often lifelong problems. They can occur in an accident, an assault or as the result of negligent treatment provided by a heatlhcare professional.

A serious injury can affect your everyday life, family members, employment and healthcare. By the very nature of these often shocking injuries they are traumatic for everyone concerned and we will handle your case with the utmost care, sensitivity and specialist expertise.

We believe that our job involves not only securing the highest possible compensation but also by playing an integral part in our client’s ongoing recovery. We can in some circumstances try and get an early advanced payment from the victim’s final compensation package so that bills can be paid if they or a carer are unable to work or to pay for any essential private treatment to help them on the road to recovery.

We will ensure that you get proper financial compensation for the injuries as well as the very best available care from medical treatment to rehabilitation and any other specialist support that may be needed.