Pictons Supports Students During Careers Fair at University of Buckingham

Leading and award winning regional law firm Pictons, which has offices in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, was invited by the University of Buckingham to participate in its annual Careers Fair. The University of Buckingham Careers Fair is part of their Employability Programme which enables students to gain the skills required by employers during their degree…

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social media

Be Careful What You Tweet And Repeat!

Social Media has long been a legal minefield when it comes to content we create and post for the whole world to see and the consequences it can have for individuals. It has changed the way we communicate forever. Whilst the opportunities are immense, the misuse of Social Media can be costly. The reputational and…

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Do I need a solicitor to buy a house?

Here’s what you need to know For most people, buying a property is the single biggest investment they’ll make in their lives. From young adults looking to lay down roots and start building a family, to those who’ve worked hard for years to make the switch from renting to owning, purchasing a house is something…

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Global Social Media

Social Media in the Workplace – Business or Pleasure

“Game changer”…”phenomenon”…whatever your view, social media has changed the way we communicate on a professional and corporate level. Whilst the commercial opportunities are immense, the misuse of social media in the workplace can be costly. The reputational and financial harm of a late night posting on the social media network by a disgruntled employee can…

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Happy New Year Divorce?

Today is traditionally referred to as ‘Divorce Monday’ (January 9th). Whether it’s because the highs of the festive season are over or the very stressful toll of buying presents, Christmas cooking and close proximity to each other, since 2010 the month of January has been the highest month for divorces, increasing year on year. While…

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Divorced Parents – Who Gets The Kids On Christmas Day?

It’s the time of year when families traditionally get together to celebrate the holiday, season, with presents, parties and plenty of treats. Sadly, for some divorced parents, it’s also the time of year when goodwill is in short supply and even Santa can’t solve  problems relating to child access issues. Siobhan Rooney, a Partner and…

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Luton House Prices Continue To Rise

A recent report by the Office Of National Statistics in October saw Luton placed fourth on the list of areas in England that has seen the highest percentage increase in house prices at 17.7% in the last annual year. The average house price in Luton is now valued at £229,110 which could continue to rise…

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BT Ordered By Ofcom To Split Legally From Openreach

Openreach is a subdivision of BT which runs the UK’s broadband infrastructure. All broadband providers (Sky, Talk-Talk) are charged by Openreach for access to the infrastructure which they claim to be too expense and are not responsive to their demands. Ofcom has been concerned over BT’s ability to favour its retail business when making investment…

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Letting Agents Fees Banned

In the Autumn Statement, the Government has announced its plans to ban Letting Agents from charging up-front administrative fees to tenants, which are often charged for obtaining references, preparing agreements and agreeing any changes to those agreements. Cathy Sandbach, a Litigation specialist at leading and award-winning regional law firm Pictons says “It is likely that…

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