Protection, Defence & Enforcement

Our philosophy is about protecting your business from the start by working with you to minimise any legal, financial and reputational risks that can arise when you are making decisions that involve your staff.  You will get access to our experienced solicitors when you need help the most.

Areas where we can help


  • Introducing strategies that ensure your employees and former staff comply with their obligations or deter them from challenging your decisions
  • Creating robust contracts of employment, policies and procedures that protect your business
  • Tailoring  restrictive covenants and confidentiality  clauses to protect your specific  commercial interests
  • Preparing settlement agreements to avoid any comeback from a departing employee

Defence & Enforcement

  • The aim will always be to keep you out of court or tribunal.
  • All the options will be discussed with you including mediation, conciliation and settlement.
  • There will however be cases where you will want to defend your position or enforce your rights.  Our specialist litigation team can help with breach of contract claims and injunctions, for example when you need to enforce post termination restrictions and confidentiality provisions.

Working with you

We will never forget the commercial context in which you are operating, which will ensure  the right result is delivered to your business.  Drawing on our knowledge you will have the tools to manage potential legal risks or have greater control over any dispute.