Wills, Trusts and Estate Administration

When a loved one dies someone has to sort out their property, money and possessions, which is termed their ‘estate’. This process is known as Probate and can often be extremely distressing for family and friends at what is already a difficult time

In most cases it will be necessary to apply to the Court for a Grant of Representation in order to administer the estate. This can be a confusing process particularly if the deceased has not left a Will (referred to as ‘intestacy’) or if there is Inheritance Tax to pay.

We can help to ease the burden by handling all aspects of the process for you at a time when you might need to grieve or deal with other family members. We can act either as executors of the Will or on behalf of other named executors and deal with putting the terms of the Will into effect or administering the estate on intestacy.

We have had a lot of experience in dealing with cases where there isn’t a Will and we take on the whole process from informing the relevant people of the death up to and including finding beneficiaries and implement the ultimate distribution of assets to them