My Employment

Looking to resolve a problem at work and not sure about your rights?

A strong positive working relationship between employer and employee means optimum job satisfaction for the employee and business success for the employer. Sometimes this relationship can become strained or even worse it must come to an end. When this happens it can be a stressful time for any individual, and may ultimately have serious financial consequences.

Our experienced team can explain everything you need to know about your rights and what to do whether the issue relates to:

  • Settlement agreements
  • Dismissal or constructive dismissal
  • A disciplinary investigation or hearing
  • Your grievance
  • Bullying or harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Restructuring or redundancy
  • Contract disputes, including those relating to commission, bonus and restrictive covenants
  • Senior level appointments and exits
  • Whistleblowing

We believe everyone should fully understand their legal rights.

If you consider you are being or have been treated differently or unfairly, please contact us to discuss your rights and options.

Whatever the problem or concern, our focus is on helping you achieve the best possible outcome.