Other Conveyencing Services

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Here are just a couple of additional services we can help you with:

Transfer of Equity
A Transfer of Equity is the change of legal ownership of a property either by removing a party from the title deeds or by adding a party to the title deeds.  Typical scenarios of when a Transfer of Equity may happen are on a breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership and either the Court orders or it is agreed in matrimonial proceedings that the property is to be transferred from the joint name of the couple to a sole name.

Another scenario could be that when the partner of a couple move into a property owned by the other and they wish to put the property into their joint names. One point to remember is that if there is a mortgage secured on the property, consent from the Lender will be required before proceeding with any Transfer of Equity.

Equity release
Is a way of releasing the wealth tied up in your property without having to sell it and move to another home. You can either borrow against the value of your home or sell all or part of it in exchange for a lump sum or a regular monthly income.  There are no monthly repayments and instead interest is added to the loan and to any interest previously added each year. The loan and interest are repaid in full, usually from the sale of your home, when you die or go into long-term care, subject to the terms and conditions of the provider. The schemes are there to help older clients looking to release equity in their property.