Property Development Solicitors

If your business is property development you will need expert legal advice from time to time. We have advised and acted for both small builders carrying out one-off projects and large developers working on major sites.

Whether you are acquiring sites for single units, backland developments or for large sites, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that as the developer you will achieve your commercial aims.

Once the site has been acquired we will prepare the sales contracts and packs for the sale of individual units.

We can also help you whether you are buying or selling land for residential or commercial development, either on your own or with third parties. We will work with your surveyor to advise you on any option agreement or overage agreements to be entered into as part of your transaction. In some cases a conditional contract may be more appropriate.

Whether you are selling or buying we will advise you on which agreement best achieves your aims. If you are selling we will ensure any overage or clawback arrangements you wish to enter into are legally enforceable and will allow you to maximise the value of your land.