Separation & Divorce Services

We know how hard it is for you if you are facing a separation or divorce, both of which are known to be two of the most stressful and upsetting situations you can experience.

We will give you a very welcome respite from the inevitable emotional fall out from a separation or divorce by expertly steering you through the often complicated details that follow when a couple decide to separate.

We have a team of expert divorce solicitors and family law specialists who will understand the problems you are facing and who can help you to solve them. We will not only advise you on the law, we will also be able to give you the best advice on the many other issues which will arise and will need your consideration, such as the practical steps you need to take upon separation.

If you are a parent you will also have the welfare of your children to consider, possible decisions on where you are going to live and how you will manage financially. From the moment you come in to meet us you will feel that you are in good hands. You will have your own personal advisor who will work with you directly to resolve your situation and help you to achieve the successful outcome that you want.

We understand that you want to solve any issues as quickly and as efficiently as possible and will deal with your matter with this in mind without compromising on quality of advice and service.