Buying & Selling a House Solicitors

We know there is a lot to think about when you are buying or selling a home, especially if you or your buyers or sellers are part of a chain. We will limit your anxieties with our extensive expertise and the considerable experience our conveyancing team has gained from helping thousands of people to buy their properties.

We know how essential it is for you to budget on everything to do with your purchase and your move. Our guarantee is to provide a top class service at an affordable price. From the moment we work with you, we will give you an estimate of our fees and any payments that you will need to make to third parties for things like searches so that you can budget with confidence.

As a buyer or seller we know you want to be fully informed at every point throughout the whole process. We will clearly explain the often complex legal jargon in simple and easy to understand language. Whether you’d like to be kept updated by email, telephone or even post, we’ll make sure you get what you want. We will only arrange meetings if they are essential.

Our sole aim is to ensure that you are happy and we give you all the help you need to complete your purchase or sale as quickly, efficiently and as economically as possible.

We also use a case management system to streamline our processes and speed up the Conveyancing transaction, with internet connections to HMRC (Inland Revenue) and the Land Registry.