Family Law Solicitors

We completely understand that making a decision about the future of your relationship is very difficult and a big step to take. We can help you to clarify your issues, give you sound legal advice on what your options are and help you to resolve them.

We understand that any of the areas we cover in Family Law can be emotionally traumatic and we will handle your case with sensitivity and compassion. We have one of the largest Family Law Departments in the region and we have the expertise and experience to offer you a complete range of services for relationship breakdowns, including complex cases where the financial assets involved are substantial.

Our specialist team can help you with mediation or divorce, civil partnerships, financial matters and matters relating to children. Our expertise is recognised by our membership of The Law Society’s Family Panel.

We will help you to reach a constructive, agreed settlement wherever possible. However, when appropriate and essential, we pursue Court Proceedings actively and cost effectively, ensuring that we keep you keep you informed every step of the way.

  • Separation & Divorce

    “We know how hard it is for you if you are facing a separation or divorce, both of which are known to be two of the most stressful and upsetting situations you can experience.

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    • Mediation

      When relationships break down an amicable solution can seem impossible, especially when you are feeling very emotional and don’t know what to do or where to turn. If children are involved, concern for their welfare can drive you to breaking point. This is where we can really help you.

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      • Pre-Nups and other agreements

        In the first flush of romance the last thing you are likely to consider is how to protect your assets should the relationship break down. While financial matters are not considered romantic, increasingly people are realising that it just makes good sense to protect yourself should the unthinkable happen.

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        • Other Family Services

          We can help you with a wide range of other family services.

          These can include:

          Injunctions are orders made by the court to provide protection to an individual who is at risk of either physical or verbal harm. Injunctions are often made when one party is seen to ‘harass’ another party, whether by text or email, attending their property uninvited, telephone calls, stalking, on social media etc.

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          • Financial & Property Disputes

            Disputes about who is entitled to what from a property are becoming increasingly common as less people are getting married or marrying at an older age. This often means that one or both of the prospective partners have assets or property when entering into the relationship.

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            • Children

              Whatever issues your family may be facing, the welfare of your children must always be your priority.

              Family breakdowns through divorce or separation are always a time of tremendous emotional upset and stress for everyone concerned. It’s at this time that you will need the support of expert legal advice from sensitive experienced professionals who will be able to guide you through any issues and ensure the wellbeing and best interests of your children.

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