Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution Solicitors

If you find that you are unfortunate enough to become involved in a commercial dispute, whether personally or through your business, you naturally want a solution to your problems that meets your objectives, is cost effective and is resolved as expertly, efficiently and as quickly as possible.

We work relentlessly on your behalf to achieve the outcomes that you want. We recognise that each case is unique and so we make sure that our services are designed to fulfil your precise needs and circumstances.

Our team has in-depth expertise and experience in every area of Commercial Dispute Resolution, which allows us to combine a wide range of litigation techniques that give you a superior service.

We will work closely with you, getting to the heart of the dispute and reaching a prompt and satisfactory conclusion – without disrupting your business or undermining your working relationships.


  • Business Disputes

    Boardroom or shareholder disputes, involving the ownership or governance of businesses, threaten not only the investments and livelihoods of those involved but also everyone employed by the business concerned. If such situations are allowed to escalate, matters can quickly become acrimonious and will eventually have a major impact on the business.

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    • Contract & Consumer Disputes

      Even with the best commercial intentions and seemingly water-tight agreements, disputes over contracts are unfortunately an inevitable part of business life. If handled badly, disagreements over the terms of a commercial contract can cause irreparable damage to customer or supplier goodwill, not to mention the funds and management time they can drain from a business.

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      • Debt Recovery / Insolvency

        A business failure has a far-reaching impact. It affects not only the directors, management and shareholders of the business but also its employees, their families, customers, suppliers and financial backers. We have acted for all of these stakeholders, as well as for the Trustees in Bankruptcy and we offer a full range of corporate insolvency services.

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        • Professional Negligence

          Businesses depend on the competence of the professionals who advise them and while even the most conscientious expert can sometimes make a mistake, unfortunately some professionals are just plain negligent:

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          • Property Disputes

            If a dispute arises in connection with one of your commercial properties, we know that you want it resolved as speedily as possible through expert and experienced advice.

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            • Other Dispute Resolution

              Compensation for Loss Caused by Negligence or Deceit:
              We can assist in the wide range of cases of wrongful acts, whether negligent or intentional, which cause monetary loss, damage to personal property – including reputation – or nuisance.

              Intellectual Property
              We have expertise in the protection of Intellectual Property Rights, an area of law which is constantly growing in today’s technological world.

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