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Employers – As an employer does it sometimes feel as if there is new employment legisation every month, if not every week? Whether that’s about pensions, paternity leave or pay offs, as someone who is focused on running a business you will, by the very nature of your working day, feel you are under enough pressure already. We completely understand that any issue relating to employment is potentially going to make your life far more stressful and that’s where we can step in to help you and take that anxiety away from you.

While we actively encourage our clients to develop strong working partnerships with their employees, with all the appropriate policies and procedures, it’s just a fact that sometimes changes will occur in your business. You may need to restructure, make redundancies or conflicts may arise. Whatever is happening, we’ll always be at your side, if not literally then just a phone call or email away.

We offer the very best expert legal advice and have a strong experienced team of employment law solicitors who have comprehensive legal knowledge of everything you need to know and do as an employer. We like to think that where we can really make a big difference to you is in our totally personal approach. We treat your business like our own, we work closely with you because we completely understand the pressures you are under. We make sure you have exactly the right support in every aspect of being an employer and because we know what we’re doing, you’ll be (pleasantly) surprised with how much it costs you to get the best service in the marketplace.

Employees – We know that you work to your best ability when you are respected and well treated by your employer. Unfortunately we also know that isn’t always the case. It’s never productive if employees find themselves in an ‘us and them’ situation and very often you feel that you need someone on your side who will get the best outcome for you.

Although your access to Tribunals has become prohibitively expensive we can still help you to get justice if you feel you have been badly treated by your employer, discriminated against or have endured constructive and unfair dismissal. We can give you the best employment advice and support especially when negotiating with your employer. All of our very experienced employment law solicitors based in Luton, Tring & Milton Keynes are available by email or phone and they will keep in regular contact with you, so you’re always kept up to date with the progress of your problem.

We will work with you to get the best outcome that you can possibly have. We will always be on your side and ensure that we find a legally sound solution that protects your position and best fits your circumstances.   Our experienced Employment Litigation team can also deal with Tribunal cases (including the handling of negotiations with ACAS and full representation at Tribunal hearings)

  • Settlement Agreements

    Settlement agreements, which were formerly known as Compromise Agreements, are usually used to formally end an employment contract between an employer and an employee, sometimes also settling a potential employment tribunal case.

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    • Dismissal

      If you lose your job through your employer terminating your employment, whether that’s through a redundancy, a disciplinary procedure or any kind of discrimination there are still a number of legal avenues in place to protect you and to ensure that your employer’s actions were justified.

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      • Restructure and Redundancy

        Being made redundant from your job is rarely welcome, unless you have opted for voluntary redundancy and a generous pay off. In most cases, redundancy is still felt like a dismissal from your job, usually caused by your employer having to either reduce the workforce or no longer needing to retain someone in your position.

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        • Contracts and Policies

          We think it’s a good idea for you to regularly review your employment contracts, policies and HR strategies because Employment law is frequently changing, especially over the past three years.

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          • Employment Disputes

            There can be a whole range of reasons why you may be in dispute with your employer and this is likely to leave you feeling quite vulnerable. You may be facing unfair dismissal, a redundancy, discrimination or unfair behaviour from your manager or employer.

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            • Other Employment Services

              We can offer bespoke Employment Law & HR training, tailored to meet your individual business needs.

              HR Services
              We can provide assistance in respect of all day-to-day HR issues.

              TUPE – selling or buying a business and outsourcing
              We can assist you to navigate the complexities of TUPE, whether in the context of a business sale, merger, outsourcing or insourcing.

              Varying terms and conditions of employment
              We are skilled in assisting employers vary terms and conditions of employment to give employers the flexibility to ensure staff contracts align with the day to day needs of the business.

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