Employment Settlement Agreements Solicitors

Settlement agreements, which were formerly known as Compromise Agreements, are usually used to formally end an employment contract between an employer and an employee, sometimes also settling a potential employment tribunal case. They are legally binding documents which also demand confidentiality and no further recourse by the employee, who cannot then bring a claim against the employer in a tribunal.

If your employer has offered you a settlement agreement you are required to seek independent legal advice, which is exactly what we provide. Our advice will ensure that the offer you receive from your employer is fair and comprehensive. It’s normal procedure for your employer to pay a contribution towards your legal fees.

We will advise you that by signing the Settlement Agreement you are waiving your rights to make claims against the employer in the future. We can negotiate with your employer about the terms of your settlement agreement, including your financial compensation and ensuring that your rights are fully protected. We will assess whether the compensation that is being offered to you is a fair reflection of the rights you are giving up under the agreement.

It is vitally important for you to get the right legal advice about your claim, before agreeing to the terms of a settlement agreement. We have specialist expertise in settlement agreements and we have been supporting employees for many years. We are here to protect your interests and give you the best professional advice available.