Wills\Lasting Power of Attorney

We are able to offer the preparation of Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney on a fixed fee.  You will be carefully guided through the process by one of our lawyers who will be able to advise on the implications of your wishes and ensure that your wishes are thought through to ensure that many eventualities are covered. Our lawyers are also able to let you know whether under the current tax thresholds, on death, your estate would be liable for inheritance tax, and if so, help you plan to avoid this.**

Service                                                                     Price

Single Will                                                               £250 plus VAT*

Mirror Wills                                                             £500 plus VAT*

LPA (one type)                                                       £350 plus VAT plus registration fees

LPA (both types or one type for a couple)        £700 plus VAT plus registration fees

LPA (both for a couple)                                        £1,200 plus VAT plus registration fees


* the price quoted if for a standard will.  If we need to write a trust into your Will, or your Will is exceptionally complicated, we reserve the right to review our fee.

**this is at an extra charge. You will be advised of the charge before we undertake work on your behalf.