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selling your business

Considering Selling your Business?

  Many people are now winding down a little to enjoy a summer break. For business owners this can be a period of reflection and a time when major decisions are made. For some this might mean that they conclude that now is an appropriate time to consider selling their business. Many business owners may…

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business terms and conditions

Time to update your business terms and conditions?

  Properly drafted terms and conditions are the bedrock of any successful business. They set out the contract terms between your business and your customers. What can often be forgotten is that these are living documents. Businesses do not stay static and neither does legislation. Why you need to review your terms and conditions Obviously,…

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mergers and aquisitions

M&A activity is continuing to surge

  The recent surge in M&A activity shows no sign in abating. If you are considering a merger, acquisition or sale, make sure you do your homework in advance. Why is M&A activity surging? As recently reported by EY and others, the UK M&A appetite remains strong. There are a host of factors driving M&A…

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small business owners and divorce

Small Business Owners and Divorce

  Many small businesses are owned by members of the same family. Going through a divorce can be a difficult and often distressing process, which can become increasingly complex when there is also a family business to consider. There is often confusion as to how a divorce may impact a family business.  If one of…

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terms of business

Terms of Business – Not Just the Small Print

  Pretty much all organisations should have carefully constructed terms of business. This is more than just the ‘small print’ some of us have come to expect but sadly largely ignore. They often form the contractual basis between the seller and the buyer. If agreed, the terms should be enforceable if there is any disagreement…

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Personal Loan Guarantees

Personal Loan Guarantees – Consider the Implications

  Current trading conditions have increased the demand for small business loans as businesses try to survive the short-term impact of Covid and make strategic changes to ensure their long-term survival. The Government is providing financial packages to support small businesses with cash flow issues. However, many are turning to investors and lenders to secure…

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More Lending Problems for SME’s?

Most small business owners could be forgiven for having missed the Finance Act 2020 however, there is a provision within it that could make lending that bit more difficult for SME’s. The Act states that HMRC will become a preferential creditor for insolvencies that take place after 1 December 2020. Previously only employees and the…

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SMEs and Lasting Powers of Attorney

SMEs and Lasting Powers of Attorney

  A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), is a legal agreement whereby you identify a person(s) to make decisions about your care and finances should you become incapacitated. LPA’s are very good practice when it comes to planning personal affairs however, business owners should apply similar thinking when it comes to their business. If you…

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don't let the devil be the detail

Don’t let the Devil be the Detail

  Businesses have responded very quickly to a fast changing economic and social environment. As a result of this many are having a good look at what they do and how they do it. Which in turn has involved a review of a wide range of practices and relationships. Many of these are supported by…

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