Wills, Trust and Probate

protecting assets in a second marriage

Protecting assets in a second marriage

  The need to protect assets in a second marriage is a common concern for couples. This can particularly be the case for later life remarriages. Mature couples entering a second marriage are likely to have a range of existing assets, whether property, savings & investments or even a family business. It is important for…

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the Probate Process

The Death of a Relative and the Probate Process

  Coping with the death of a relative can be a stressful and emotional time. Hopefully, the following will be helpful to those who may be dealing with such issues, perhaps for the first time. This breakdown simplifies some of the process and includes guidance from the organisations you will need to deal with such…

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Marriage and Planning your Future Together

  A marriage is a joyful occasion that comes with a legal bond between two people who commit themselves to each other. But as many people will know, it typically involves a great deal of planning to ensure the day itself runs smoothly. As part of that planning there are quite a few aspects that…

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Inheritance Tax Planning

Pictons to Host Exclusive Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning Surgery

  Pictons Solicitors and Rodgers Family Wealth Management are coming together to offer an exclusive estate and inheritance planning surgery. A series of appointments are available between 09:30 – 16:30 on the 18th of October, and will be held at Pictons offices, 11 High Street, Tring, HP23 5AL. Specialists Sarah Crook from Pictons and Mandy…

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contesting probate

Contesting a probate is back in the news

  Once again the contents of a high profile will and the validity of it, is being openly questioned. Priscilla Presley, the ex-wife of Elvis Presley, has made a legal challenge to the validity of their late daughter, Lisa Marie Presley’s will. The contest seems to focus on a 2016 amendment to Lisa Marie’s will…

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applying for probate

Applying for Probate – what you need to consider

  When someone dies it often falls to grieving family members to handle their financial affairs which can be both complex and exhausting. If you have recently lost a loved one you may be wondering where to start, Pictons have a wealth of experience and experts at hand who can help to ease the burden…

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lasting power of attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney. Planning for care, planning for life.

  Many people in the UK are now enjoying a longer life. This is obviously welcomed, although it does pose some economic challenges for our society. With an ageing population we should also anticipate an increased incidence of people with longer term medical, or personal care needs. Dementia is often – although not exclusively –…

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Sarah Crook

Sarah Crook Joins Pictons Wills, Trust and Probate Team

  Pictons is delighted to welcome Sarah Crook. Sarah joins Pictons from her previous firm where she enjoyed a successful 19 year career. Commenting on why she joined Pictons Sarah said: “I was aware of the well-established, good reputation of Pictons and was keen to join a larger progressive firm that can provide me with…

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Wills can now be witnessed by a video link

Wills can now be witnessed by a video link

  In a response to the logistical problems created by the recent pandemic the government has announced that it will now be acceptable to have a will witnessed by a video link in England and Wales. Furthermore, this change in the law will be backdated to 31 January, which coincides with the date of the…

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Will writing, BBC reports – how we are helping

  The BBC recently reported that there has been a spike in people seeking to draft or amend their wills. This is not surprising given the current health concerns. However, regularly reviewing the provisions of a will is good sense. Circumstances change, such as relationships, assets and simple wishes for how an estate should be…

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