Intellectual Property

Restrictive Covenants and Intellectual Property

  Perhaps one of the least expected outcomes of the recent pandemic has been a surge in new business formations. Some of this has been forced through redundancy, others have acted quickly to fill a new market need, whilst others have restructured their business. Given a more fluid fast-moving marketplace we have seen a trend,…

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housing market

COVID-19 and the Housing Market

  Reasons to be optimistic in the mid-term? One positive is that low interest rates should be available for a while and will likely be held low until the economy recovers. Although it is possible we could see some inflation as a result of quantitative easing, it is unlikely to happen quickly with businesses being…

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Will writing, BBC reports – how we are helping

  The BBC recently reported that there has been a spike in people seeking to draft or amend their wills. This is not surprising given the current health concerns. However, regularly reviewing the provisions of a will is good sense. Circumstances change, such as relationships, assets and simple wishes for how an estate should be…

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NHS Wills Offer

Special Offer for NHS Workers

  We all value the hard work and determination of NHS staff at this difficult time. As such Pictons is keen to do what it can to help. We are therefore offering discounts to NHS workers across our range of services. If you are an NHS worker looking for legal support with any service we…

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commercial property

Commercial Leases and COVID-19

  The current outbreak has caused substantial problems for businesses in terms of how they carry on trading. Depending upon the sector in which they operate there have been a variety of announcements regarding Government support. For example, the Government has announced cash grants for the retail, hospitality and leisure sector. Under this scheme there…

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stressed lady

Families Under Pressure

  The current restrictions are placing families under considerable pressure. The ‘lockdown’ is limiting movement, whilst those parents who can work from home are having to juggle work, with schooling and normal parenting. Health worries and concerns over friends and relatives add to a level of anxiety that can compound the stresses faced by family…

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Need a more flexible solicitor? A solicitor that can accommodate you outside of 9-5, Monday – Friday? Our Luton office will be open on Saturday mornings from 10am-12pm for personal attendances or prearranged appointments so if you need to pop something in to us please feel free to come over. Our office is situated on…

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