protecting assets in a second marriage

Protecting assets in a second marriage

  The need to protect assets in a second marriage is a common concern for couples. This can particularly be the case for later life remarriages. Mature couples entering a second marriage are likely to have a range of existing assets, whether property, savings & investments or even a family business. It is important for…

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Joint Divorce

Should You Consider a Joint Divorce?

  Following the introduction of no fault divorce law in April 2022, it is now possible for both parties in the divorce to be the ‘applicant’ in the divorce process. Fundamentally there is no difference to the end result however, the process for applying jointly is somewhat different. The changes have been broadly welcomed by…

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Rebecca Stewart

Rebecca Stewart Joins Pictons as an Associate

  Pictons is delighted to announce that Rebecca Stewart has joined as a FCILEX Associate. Rebecca is widely respected with an extensive knowledge in the field of family law. Having launched her legal career in 2012, she qualified as a fellow in 2018 and now joins Pictons as an Associate. She has also been identified…

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Divorce and separation

Divorce and separation – a changing landscape

  The Divorce, Dissolution, and Separation Act 2020 reformed the legal requirements for divorce. Previously there were five facts that could be used to rely on the ground for a divorce. The new legislation has removed that requirement, leading to what we as practitioners refer to as a “no fault divorce”. This removes any “finger…

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free family law consultations

Free Family Law Consultations in January

  Pictons are delighted to make available free 20 minute telephone consultations to individuals who have a family law issue they would like to discuss with a specialist lawyer. In the first instance please contact our team via e-mail or by calling us on 0800 302 9448. This offer of support runs throughout January.

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Marriage and Planning your Future Together

  A marriage is a joyful occasion that comes with a legal bond between two people who commit themselves to each other. But as many people will know, it typically involves a great deal of planning to ensure the day itself runs smoothly. As part of that planning there are quite a few aspects that…

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Child Arrangement Orders

Child Arrangement Orders – a solid foundation for children after divorce

  Divorce and relationship breakdowns can be challenging at the best of times. Not only does it affect the two individuals in the relationship, but it can have lasting impacts on the wider family too, especially if there are children involved. For this reason, it is crucial that as parents, the best interests of any…

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Quickie Divorce

Quickie Divorce and Wills Providers to be Investigated

  There have been recent changes in the law that have largely been welcomed by the legal community. In particular changes to the divorce law have introduced a degree of common sense to the process and probably made it less antagonistic. However, as engagement models for legal support have evolved over time, with some online…

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Cohabitation Agreements

The Importance of Cohabitation Agreements

  In the UK it would appear that marriage rates are declining. The office for National Statistics stated that for 2020 ‘marriage rates have fallen to their lowest on record. For men, there were 7.4 marriages per 1,000 men not in a legal partnership compared with 19.1 in 2019; for women, there were 7.0 marriages…

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mediation in divorce

The pros and cons of mediation in divorce cases

  Recently, the Ministry of Justice put forward proposals to legally enforce mediation on parents who are separating. The proposals introduce a new power for judges to order divorcing parents to make reasonable attempts in mediation. Couples could face fines for refusing mediation. The family court system is currently overburdened and enforced mediation may help…

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