Big Hike in Divorce Cases in January

Big Hike in Divorce Cases in January


The end of the winter festive season can see couples deciding that their relationship has broken down to such an extent that they are best served by divorce.

The pandemic may have delayed some activity in this respect but news sources suggest that January 2023 is showing a spike in couples seeking help from law firms. The BBC has reported details of increases in demand for legal help increasing by 150% compared to the October, November and February averages. Furthermore, Relate has reported a fivefold increase in couples seeking help.

There are many factors that can result in relationships breaking down but it could be that lockdown has played a role and that the recent cost of living crisis could be compounding matters further.

For couples who decide to divorce the process has been simplified somewhat and as of 6th April 2022 finding suitable reasons to support a divorce petition were abolished. This was widely welcomed and did away with some of the rather cumbersome applications based on ‘unreasonable behaviour’.

Despite these changes most couples do still require legal help and an early discussion with a lawyer can be very useful. Understanding the processes involved, the information to be gathered and the mechanisms for managing any disputes can be explained. Thereafter interests can be protected and childcare matters agreed. If needed we can also assist with property sales and changes to wills and Powers of Attorney.

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