Money Troubles More Serious than Affairs Say Couples

While it’s true that infidelity puts a great strain on any marriage or partnership, the Office of National Statistics has just released some interesting figures which show that financial problems or even long working hours are much more likely to be a ‘deal breaker’ in a relationship than by either partner having an affair.

Although one third of those surveyed said infidelity would place a great strain on the relationship, two thirds said that financial woes would have a much more damaging effect. Forty percent of people questioned also claimed that long working hours were more detrimental than adultery.

Siobhan Rooney, a Partner at leading regional law firm Pictons and a specialist in Family Law says “Based on my considerable experience in handling divorce, separation and mediation cases I’m not at all surprised by these latest figures. I think a lot of couples are willing to overlook an infidelity, especially for the sake of the children, but financial woes can really put a strain on any relationship and can be the cause of serious arguments and stress.

“It can also be really complex to get all of the details about a partner’s assets when a relationship breaks down or the couple may have built up a business or investments together. Although a lot of couples going through financial troubles may decide their best option is to stay together sometimes a situation can reach breaking point and there’s no going back. It’s always very sad for whatever reason when a couple decide to split up.”

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