Quickie Divorce and Wills Providers to be Investigated

Quickie Divorce


There have been recent changes in the law that have largely been welcomed by the legal community. In particular changes to the divorce law have introduced a degree of common sense to the process and probably made it less antagonistic.

However, as engagement models for legal support have evolved over time, with some online only services or organisations promoting their services solely on the basis of speed or indeed cost, some clients have been badly let down.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) are now investigating claims made by some online services that offer ‘quickie’ divorces. They are also looking at aspects of the wills and probate market.

The BBC recently reported that:

“Some people complained to the CMA about misleading claims about both the simplicity of the process and prices, leaving them unclear about what they could get help with or what they were paying for. They also complained about “inadequate quality of service”. This included firms using the wrong forms, entering incorrect details and sending papers to the court late.”

There are also concerns about pressure selling and low entry fees which then quickly escalate. This appears to be a growing problem in the pre-paid probate market where clients can be vulnerable individuals.

Divorce, wills and probate involve substantial decisions that have significant financial implications and clients need considered and experienced advice.

The benefits of using qualified and suitably regulated law firms is considerable. In some instances matters such as uncomplicated divorce or simple wills can progress quickly and at a low cost but it is important to consider the implications of the basis for the legal provisions and take advice from someone who is well versed in the technicalities surrounding the clients wishes.

Clients can also obtain peace of mind by the fact that a firm like Pictons is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), carries Professional Indemnity Insurance and in Pictons case, has also obtained the Lexcel quality mark accredited by the Law Society.