Claire Shore from Pictons To Inspire Students at Cavendish School in Hemel Hempstead

Claire Shore, a qualified solicitor from leading regional law firm Pictons Solicitors, has been invited back to the careers event at Hemel’s Cavendish School to inspire its students to aim for a career in law.

Cavendish School’s Career Week event begins on Monday March 3rd, with a Careers Forum on Tuesday 4th March. Claire, a Hemel Hempstead resident, has been invited to give students the details on how she qualified as a solicitor eight years ago. Claire has been working for top law firm Pictons, which has offices in Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Tring and Milton Keynes, for six years.

Claire, who specialises in Family Law says “It’s a great way for me to engage with young students who may be interested in pursuing a career in the legal profession. As well as becoming a solicitor there are many other opportunities within the legal profession – para legals, secretarial, administrative. It’s such an exciting profession, no two days are different. I think one of the most fulfilling aspects of my work is that you can actually help people transform their lives for the better. People come to us for legal help when they are in difficulties or facing a complex situation and we can support them through every step of the way and help them to achieve their goals.”

Philippa Shaw, Careers Coordinator at Cavendish School says “We really appreciate busy people like Claire taking time out from their working days to talk to our students. It is so vital that they get first hand information about what they want to study, what qualifications they need and what other experience they should get outside of studying which can give them the help they need to get into a top career like the legal profession. It’s always one of the most popular professions and Claire was so inspiring last year we are delighted that she is able to return to talk to this year’s students.”