London Mayor Sadiq Khan Issues £2.5m VW Congestion Charge Call

A BBC article released today states that London Mayor Sadiq Khan has claimed VW should pay £2.5m for missed congestion charge payments. Julian Ireland, a Dispute Resolution solicitor at leading regional award winning law firm Pictons explains his verdict so far:

The fall out from the VW emissions scandal does not appear to be going away. The Mayor of London is seeking to recover £2.5m from the car maker on the basis that approximately 80,000 car owners have claimed that a vehicle qualified under the greener discount scheme is to be exempt from paying the charge as their vehicles emitted less than 100mg of CO2 per kilometre and met the Euro 5 standard. These car owners have inadvertently claimed when apparently they are not entitled to the discount.

VW at this stage are reluctant to make such a payment to the Transport for London and so the ball is firmly back with them. It will be interesting to see whether Transport for London are prepared to issue legal proceedings against VW to recover their alleged loss.