No Hiding Place For Lying Ex- Spouses – Court Ruling in Favour of Varsha Gohil and Alison Sharland

The ex-husbands of Varsha Gohil and Alison Sharland have been shamed by the Supreme Court and exposed as having hidden their considerable assets from their ex-wives in their divorce settlements. The Supreme Court ruled that both ex-wives could pursue their wealthy husbands in the courts to get a fairer financial deal.

Amy Chesterfield, a specialist Family Law solicitor at award winning leading regional law firm Pictons says “This is an astonishing result for Varsha Gohil and Alison Sharland and has the potential to open the floodgates on past claims where exes of either sex have been deceived by their spouses on their actual wealth at the time of their divorce.

“It’s always been very hard to prove someone’s wealth and assets and I hope that now spouses will realise there really is no hiding place. In these two cases the degree of deception was shocking. Mrs Gohil’s husband was imprisoned for money laundering at the time of their divorce and he hid his wealth of £35million. She was given just £270,000 and the family’s Peugeot car. Mrs Sharland was given an apparently sizeable settlement of £10.3million but she knew her husband was worth much more and she pursued him on principle. It turned out he was due to float his very successful tech company for £600million.

“Fortunately for exes who feel they have been deceived or even defrauded of their rightful settlement, there is no statute of limitations (time limit) on re opening cases. We handle divorces and related financial settlements all the time at Pictons and I am sure we’ll be re visited by a number of past clients. The only thing I would say, as it is important to point it out, that going back to court when an exes wealth has been revealed does not automatically guarantee that the ex-wife- or ex husband- will end up with a bigger settlement.”