Pictons Host Quiz for Luton Town Business Club

Luton Town Business Club


Pictons were delighted to present a fun legal quiz at a recent meeting of the Luton Town Business Club at Kenilworth Road.

The quiz was light-hearted and tested the legal knowledge of the 45 plus attendees. Topics covered included wills, divorce, co habitation and business law. The content was well received by Business Club members who enjoyed themselves, working together in small groups to try and answer the questions. There were prizes for the winning table!

Commenting on the event, Pictons Managing Partner Sukh Saini said:

“We have been a member of the Business Club since its inception and regularly attend events. The quiz was a good opportunity to have some fun whilst trying to highlight some of the common myths around the law. Everyone had a laugh, and it threw up some good discussion points.

Pictons is an active member of the Luton community, and it is great to be part of local networking groups like these. We have been supporting the club for a number of years now and it is fantastic to continue to do so whilst they are enjoying their success in the Premier League, something I am sure the whole town is proud of.”