Pictons Managing Partner Sukh Saini Talks To Walton High School’s Students About A Career In Law

Sukh Saini, Managing Partner of leading regional and award-winning law firm Pictons gave a talk to interested students at Walton High School about the wide range of career opportunities that are available to them in the legal profession.

Sukh says “As a law firm we give as much support as we can to young people who are keen to pursue a career in law. It’s not only academic study that students need to focus on, not everyone is suited to being a solicitor or barrister. They might instead choose to be a legal secretary, a legal assistant, work in legal marketing, administration or finance.

“We always encourage young people to seek work experience, whether in a legal firm or to get other experience outside of their studies, such as volunteering for a charity or a community project. It’s basically any avenue that helps them to develop their CV into something that will stand out to a potential employer. One of our legal trainees was discovered in a shop studying for her Legal Practice Course. We noticed her because she was so helpful and popular with the regular customers. She’s now got a much sought after training contract with us. ”

Matthew Mason, the Careers Advisor at Walton High School says “We are so grateful to company executives like Sukh who support our students and help them to pursue the careers they want to achieve. After Sukh’s talk the feedback from the students who attended was excellent. They were very inspired and impressed by what they learnt about the range of careers in the legal profession. Sukh’s talk was part of a plan we developed following our Career’s Show earlier this yea,r after which we asked Pictons if they would be able to get more involved with the school. I am sure this is the first talk of many to come.”