Pictons Offers Immediate Protection for Victims In Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Victims of domestic violence often don’t even know what day it is, let alone the fact that in October there is a national campaign to raise awareness of this terrifying issue. Domestic violence affects many people who feel unable to speak out or take any action to protect themselves against violent partners or family members.

In Luton help is at hand through Bhini Phagura, a family law specialist solicitor at leading local firm Pictons. Bhini says “We can immediately help anyone who is suffering from domestic violence by taking out a private injunction in the courts, preventing any threats of violence, violence itself and even pestering or harassment, either from the person responsible or if they are instructing someone else to harm the victim.”

In effect this means that a morning visit to Bhini at Pictons can ensure that the case will be treated with utmost urgency and be dealt with by the local court on the same day in the afternoon. Bhini continues “I always advise people to speak to the police to get immediate protection. As soon as the victim instructs me, I prepare all of the necessary documentation and make an application to the court to represent the party concerned. No notice is given to the other person that this is taking place. It can take an entire day to put together a full statement and any evidence the victim may have such as text messages, photographs of injuries, threats via social networking sites and any other evidence deemed necessary. I contact the court for an emergency hearing and by the end of the day an order is, in most circumstances, granted.”

The victim can apply for an Occupation Order to exclude the abuser from the home. Occupation Orders are obtained where a family is concerned in situations where the abuser owns the property. The victim and the children who reside in the family home may be advised to go to a hotel, a shelter or stay temporarily with a friend or family member for protection from the abuser until a court hearing date has been listed..

Bhini says “In all the years I’ve obtained injunctions on behalf of my clients I have never had any cases where anyone has breached the injunction. The way we communicate to the partner or person our client needs protection from is very clearly stated in the order and our letter, which is why they take it so seriously.”

The cases vary greatly and it should be noted that the victim does not have to endure physical violence to obtain an injunction; persistent harassment and intimidation can also warrant an injunction.

If anyone is enduring any problems relating to domestic violence, give Bhini a call on 01582 870870. Pictons has a fixed fee system in relation to Injunctions so that clients can budget for any action they need to take.