Pictons Supports Child Contact Day on March 20th

Siobhan Rooney, a leading Family Law solicitor and a Partner in law firm Pictons, is fully supporting the annual Child Contact Day on March 20th, which was set up to highlight the millions of families who are torn apart by access, custody and child contact issues.

This national event encourages high profile endorsement, pro-active promotion on social networks and a weighty Government lobbying campaign.

Siobhan says “At Pictons in our Family Law department we deal with family break ups on a regular basis and we can help people establish contact with their children through a variety of ways; mediation, communicating with ex partner’s on a client’s behalf, and, as a last resort, court. We also have links with many organisations who can assist with family therapy and other needs that relate to the issue of child contact.”

With 2 million single parents in Britain today and 26% of households with dependent children in single parent families, the importance of child contact for parents and other family members has never been greater.

Concludes Siobhan “There are 3 million children living in a single parent household in the UK and only 8% of these single parents are the fathers. Just 9% of parents that don’t live with their children (non-resident) share the care of the children equally or nearly equally with the resident parent, while 71% of those non-resident parents have direct face to face contact with the children and 20% of non-resident parents have no contact at all with their children.

“While these are national figures we find that they present a fairly accurate picture of the family related work we do in our four offices in Luton, Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead and Tring. A family split can be especially heart breaking for the children and a non resident parent if they are prevented from seeing each other, subject of course to the reason for non contact not being related to cases of violence or other forms of abuse. Child Contact Day really brings this issue to light which can only be beneficial for all parties concerned.”

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