Pictons Triumphs at the FSB Bedfordshire Business Awards 2015 as Winners of Community Business of the Year

Pictons Solicitors, one of Bedfordshire’s leading law firms, have triumphed at the FSB Bedfordshire Business Awards 2015 by winning the coveted trophy for Community Business of the Year.

It’s the first time that the company had entered these prestigious awards and they chose a very competitive category that had lots of entries.

Sukh Saini, Managing Partner of Pictons says “We attended the awards without any expectation that we would win in such a very tough category. The other finalists were all deserving of the recognition and acknowledgement and when the runner up was announced I just assumed that we’d be walking away empty handed.

“I was stunned and totally delighted when they announced ‘Pictons Solicitors’ as the winners, it was an amazing experience for the six of us from Pictons who attended the awards event. It’s true that there probably isn’t any member of Pictons staff who hasn’t raised money for a worthy local cause, whether that’s abseiling down a high building, collecting old bras for African communities, swimming, cake baking, sky diving, moon walking, clothes and food collections and many other activities. In such a supportive company every member of staff receives generous donations from their colleagues and plenty of encouragement.

“As a company, CSR* is very important for us. We support many causes in the local community, including Age Concern Luton, the Mary Seacole Housing Trust, Keech Hospice, Luton and Dunstable Childrens’ fund; NOAH, the Luton Food Bank, the Level Trust and the Disability Resource Centre, amongst others. We are also pro active in the sponsorship and support of local sport and sportspeople in the Bedfordshire community, with a wide range of sponsorships including: The Hatters Cup, Luton Town Football Club, sponsorship of The Luton Town Show, giving live LTFC football matches to the local community on Diverse FM; supporting young amateur boxing champion Jordan Reynolds to reach the Olympics 2016 and Stockwood Park Rugby Club.”

Pictons award entry was supported with testimonials from a number of the charities and community organisations that they support.

Mike Keel, Chief Executive of Keech Hospice Care said “Nothing is ever too much trouble for Pictons and they represent the pinnacle of a generous, supportive and community focused organisation.”

Colette McKeaveney Director of Age Concern Luton said “Pictons staff give their enthusiasm and support to our clients with their pro bono advice. Our clients are people in complicated situations and Pictons are absolutely invaluable partners. We can trust them implicitly with our clients who often have had poor experiences of other people in the legal profession.
“Pictons also give generous support to our staff and in our fundraising initiatives. We cannot thank them enough.”

David Hoskins, Commercial Manager of Luton Town Football Club said “ As a firm they have always been generous not only with their sponsorship here at the club but more importantly with their time and what they do as a firm for many good causes throughout the town.”

Audrey Lewis, CEO Mary Seacole Housing Association affirmed “Pictons is a shining example of how a company can make a massive contribution to its local community. We are so grateful for their continuing support which goes way beyond fundraising.”

Mostaque Koyes, founder of the Community Awards in Luton and MD of the Bartham Group said “As a company I think Pictons is in a league of its own where contributing to the community is concerned. They have been unstinting in their support of the Bartham Group’s community and charity initiatives, even during the recent tough times of the severe economic depression which affected every business in the region. They are committed to giving back to the communities where they are based and in Luton especially, where they have contributed wholeheartedly to charities, Community Awards and community radio, local sport and across the many diverse cultures that makes Luton the unique town that it is.”

Ellie McLaren from the Bedfordshire Business Awards says” Pictons reaching the finals of the awards appropriately reflects hard work, enterprise and endeavour in business. Their entry was selected by an independent judging panel and deemed deserving of this accolade. They should be immensely proud of such recognition.
“Year on year we receive an extremely high standard of entries from Bedfordshire Businesses and Pictons and its team were in good company on the evening of the awards ceremony.”

CSR: *Corporate Social Responsibility