We’ve been working hard helping clients

online meeting


It’s been a strange and challenging time for many of us. Every person has gone through their own lockdown experience with their own distinctive set of challenges ranging from illness, to child care and on to a sense of isolation. The loss of contact with friends and family has been a particularly hard burden to bear.

At Pictons we have continued to help our clients during the lockdown. Like many others we switched to a remote working pattern and the transition has been remarkably smooth for us, substantially  aided by a recent IT upgrade. This allowed us to move swiftly to secure video calls with our clients, staff and contacts and utilise the collaborative and communication benefits of software, including Microsoft Teams.

We have also been busy. We did not furlough any of our staff to ensure our levels of client care were maintained during the lockdown. We have had to overcome a few obstacles but have been successful as a result of ingenuity and lateral thinking.

As the property market picks up we have seen an increase in the level of enquiries from clients. It seems we are perhaps unusual in keeping our team intact?

Going forward we have carried out risk assessments for a partial return to work. We expect that blended working will be something of a new norm for a while. We are also looking at ways in which to carry out some essential client meetings. More information on this will be available soon.

Hopefully we are beginning to emerge from this crisis and I wish everyone well going forward.

Should you require any legal support please contact us by phone or e-mail and we will be pleased to assist.

Sukh Saini

Managing Partner