Madonna’s Fall- Is it a Personal Injury Claim?

The uber controlled perfectionism that is associated with the queen of pop Madonna took a trip for the worst at last night’s Brits when an over zealous yank at her voluminous cape from one of her (ex?) dancers resulted in not so much a fall from grace as an ungraceful fall in front of millions of viewers.

Despite her light hearted tweet about the cape being tied too tight and her impressive ‘the show must go on’ attitude, we would all like to have been a fly on the wall for the conversation she had with the guilty party after her star turn.

However, perhaps more importantly for Madonna is the fact that she had a fall when she was working and it could have been far more serious for a less robust and hardier person.

Deborah Saini, Pictons Personal Injury specialist says “Accidents at work are very common and we deal with a lot of claims from people who have been injured at work.

“However, in this case and from what I saw on TV it was due to a costume malfunction rather than any problems with the O2 Arena stage. If she wanted to sue she could perhaps consider taking action against the choreographer for the dance, the dancer who was responsible for her fall or even the designer of her cape but I think in all cases that would be unlikely.

“She’s probably a bit bruised today, not only physically but her ego as well, but as always we are all talking about Madonna after her performance. She’s a real trouper and as with any setback, she’ll bounce back and continue to shock and entertain us for years to come.”


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