Madonna’s Whiplash Could Have Been Serious Say Pictons

Despite suggestions that Madonna’s dramatic fall at last week’s Brit Awards could have been a publicity stunt, it was clear to those in the vicinity that her tumble was an unintentional accident and quite unplanned.

It’s a sign of her good health and flexibility that she was able to continue her performance but she did explain afterwards that the accident was due to her cape malfunction and it had resulted in her getting mild whiplash in her neck, which was treated by a doctor when she returned to her hotel.

While most of us might read about ‘whiplash’ in relation to traffic accidents, where it has often been used as an unprovable scam to forge insurance claims, the actual effects of genuine whiplash are very painful and incapacitating.

Deborah Saini, a Personal Injury specialist at leading regional law firm Pictons says
“In a number of personal injury cases whiplash is a very serious issue, I think the fact that a performer as high profile as Madonna made public that she sustained a whiplash injury from being pulled backwards definitely helps dispel the myth that it is not real – if Madonna suffered whiplash then it must be genuine!

“Whilst people can and do on occasion make it up it is really hard to fool doctors and the few that attempt to defraud the system make it difficult for genuine claimants. Whiplash is a genuine injury with real and disabling symptoms and I would recommend that anyone who has suffered whiplash through no fault of their own should seek specialist legal advice to see if they can make a claim for compensation over the pain they have suffered.”

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