Pictons Supports Ministry of Justice Campaign for Choice Not Chance

Pictons is supporting The Ministry of Justice’s recently launched campaign, aimed at people from 25 to 50, to encourage them to make a Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Posters include a picture of a rugby scrum with the headline ‘Accidents happen’ and another states that ‘You think it will never happen to you’ with a picture of someone on a hospital trolley and the message is that LPA (lasting powers of attorney) ‘means your loved ones can manage your affairs if you can’t’.

Sumaiya Smyth, Head of Wills Trust and Probate at Pictons says “We encourage everyone to make a Will and to consider appointing someone to look after their affairs if they become unable to do so themselves, even if only temporarily. A lot of people think Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney are just for their parents without considering that something might also happen to them.

“Sadly, unexpected deaths and accidents happen every day just on our roads, so it’s really important that people plan for their own and their family’s future. As a solicitor working in this field I am often astounded by how many people do not consider these matters. If this wasn’t such a concern the Ministry of Justice would not have initiated this long overdue public campaign to raise public awareness of the issue and we support their initiative.

“I would add that although people can find ‘do it yourself’ Wills on the internet, to ensure they are legally binding, and appropriate for your circumstances, every Will should be prepared by a qualified legal advisor. Both Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney are complex legal documents and should not be undertaken without first obtaining appropriate legal advice.”

To speak to Sumaiya or one of our Team please email info@pictons.co.uk or call us on 0845 263 7505