Divorce Reform Becomes Top Priority in Parliament

no-fault divorce finger pointing

The government has finally prioritised a divorce reform after the latest bill stalled twice in 2019.

The delay occurred due to the unlawful suspension of parliament back in September as well as the December general election. Our article published on 4th December bemoaned the delay, so this is a welcome injection of momentum.

First introduced in June 2019, The Divorce, Separation and Dissolution Bill, outlines provisions for no-fault divorce. Previously, in order to separate from a partner, couples needed to provide evidence of at least one of 5 facts; adultery, behaviour, desertion, two years separation (with consent), or 5 years separation (no consent required). The new bill which has now been introduced into the House of Lords, removes the requirement for factual grounds with the provision of a statement of irretrievable breakdown. The possibility of contesting a divorce will also be removed under the new law which will shorten the divorce process.

Identical changes will also be made to the law surrounding the dissolution of civil partnerships.

Siobhan Rooney, a Partner in Pictons family departments says:

“The introduction of a no-fault divorce really would be a game changer as far as family law is concerned. It will ensure that the tone set for a parties’ separation is conciliatory and amicable. This would take some of the sting and stress out of the process. This could benefit not only the parties involved, but wider members of their families, including children, who often get caught up in whether it was mum or dad’s fault that the family unit was broken down.”

The Family Department at Pictons offers an understanding and sympathetic approach to anyone contemplating divorce. We offer a fixed fee consultation for anyone wishing to discuss divorce.  Please call the Family Department on 0800 302 9448 to book an appointment at either our Luton, Tring or Milton Keynes office.