Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong Strike Amicable Divorce Deal

divorce deal


A divorce settlement has been reached after discussions took place between Ant McPartlin and ex-wife Lisa Armstrong.

Reports of Ant McPartlin’s financial settlement arising from the divorce flooded the news last week. Predictably, facts and figures vary from one report to the next, but the common theme appears to be the way in which they reached a settlement without going to Court.

The Court process can be a daunting and costly one and if it can be avoided, all the better. However, it is also a controlled, guided process which can be used to aid settlement and provide more certainty as to timescales for resolving your case.

Good legal advice can be the difference between continuing to negotiate fruitlessly (sometimes at great cost) and knowing when to get the Court involved. It can be the difference between settling when you shouldn’t and settling when you should.

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Georgina Allen, Family Solicitor