Families Under Pressure

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The current restrictions are placing families under considerable pressure. The ‘lockdown’ is limiting movement, whilst those parents who can work from home are having to juggle work, with schooling and normal parenting. Health worries and concerns over friends and relatives add to a level of anxiety that can compound the stresses faced by family units. The normal network of support is compromised, although for some social media and the internet in general has proven to be a good support network.

There have been concerns raised about the ability of children with separated parents being able to be moved between households. However, it has recently become clear that (currently) where parents do not live in the same household, children under 18 can be moved between their parents’ homes. There will of course be exceptions to this typically when a member of the family unit is currently self-isolating.

Sadly there are also reports coming out that domestic violence is increasing. As the Guardian recently reported:

“There has been a rise in domestic abuse incidents directly related to the coronavirus outbreak. Beverley Hughes, Greater Manchester’s deputy mayor for policing and crime, said there had been reports of abuse linked to the lockdown.”

Despite the pressures that people are facing there can be no excuses for violent behaviour and despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus outbreak there are still solutions available to individuals who are at risk.

The ‘Independent’ newspaper in its 18th March edition ran a story suggesting that various experts anticipate a rise in divorce cases following the lockdown. The matter was even raised in the House of Lords.

Commenting on the issues Pictons Head of Family Amy Chesterfield said:

“These are challenging times for all types of family. For those going through a separation or struggling for access to children it will be particularly stressful. The law however, provides support for those in need and whilst personal meetings are currently not possible Pictons is in a position to be able to provide a full service to clients, to include court applications where necessary.”

If you would like to discuss your divorce, separation or children issues with one of our experienced family solicitors, please call the Family Department on 0800 302 9448 or e-mail info@pictons.co.uk