Don’t Use Mobile Phones While Driving Say Pictons

The fact that it’s illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving doesn’t seem to have deterred a lot of irresponsible drivers from texting or conversing while they are at the wheel of a moving vehicle. Several tragic cases have recently been in the media whereby drivers have killed or maimed victims through their selfish carelessness.

The tendency for people to use mobile phones as extensions of their body is commonplace the world over. Any day on the road you’ll see drivers clutching their mobiles, even on busy and fast motorways. The police seem slow to pick up on people’s dangerous use of mobile phones and most guilty drivers assume they’ll get away with it.  The current sanctions for driving with a mobile phone is just a paltry 3 penalty points and £100.00 fine, so it’s scarcely a deterrent for offenders.

Few realise the catastrophic effect this dangerous habit can have. It is reported that drivers using a mobile phone have slower reaction times to potential hazards and this not only puts them at risk but all road users and pedestrians. As well as receiving a fine, these actions could also cause serious injury or fatalities that can result in a custodial sentence.

Lucy Harvey,  a personal injury solicitor at leading and award winning regional law firm Pictons says “When a person is injured as a result of a road traffic accident there can be varying grades of physical injury, from general whiplash or broken bones to more serious life changing injuries. It is normal for the injury to also impact on other areas of the victim’s life. They may be fearful about driving again after an accident or find it difficult to accept their new life, which affects them, their families and their friends.

“The agony can be exacerbated knowing that the accident could have been avoided if the person responsible had been paying full attention to the road. New rules will be enforced in 2017 whereby a person caught driving whilst on their telephone will receive a £200 fine and 6 penalty points. However, the jury is out as to whether this is adequate punishment for an action that could significantly damage many lives.”

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