Is Movie Making Becoming More Dangerous Asks Pictons?

The tragic news that a construction worker has been killed on the set of the Blade Runner sequel while filming in Budapest and the recent court case of movie superstar Harrison Ford’s accident on the set of the latest Star Wars film brings into question whether there are sufficient health and safety measures in place for these multi million dollar productions.

The Blade Runner sequel, which stars Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto and, by coincidence, Harrison Ford, is due to be released next autumn. The film’s production company Alcon Entertainment confirmed the accident in a statement which said that the worker was “underneath a platform, upon which the set was constructed, when it suddenly collapsed”. The cause of the accident is not yet known.

Meanwhile, the production company Foodles Production (UK) Ltd – a subsidiary of Disney which made Star Wars V11: The Force Awakens has been sued by Harrison Ford, whose leg was broken during filming at Pinewood Studios in June 2014 when he was hit by a hydraulic metal door.

The Health And Safety Executive has brought four criminal charges against the company, which said it was “disappointed” by the HSE’s decision.

Deborah Saini, Head of the Personal Injury department at leading and award winning regional law firm Pictons says “I think both of these cases are shocking because movie production companies invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the making of their big movies. With these kinds of budgets you would expect top level health and safety measures.

“For the Star Wars film, following its investigation, the HSE found sufficient evidence to bring four charges relating to health and safety breaches. Clearly, Harrison Ford could have been killed or left with lifelong injuries. Whether people are working on a factory floor or a film set, they should feel confident that those responsible have taken all the necessary steps and the utmost care to ensure their health and safety while they are at work.”

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