Pictons Offers Free Appointments To Cope with Post Holiday Separation and Divorce

Leading regional and award winning law firm Pictons is offering to help couples after the holiday season by offering free 30 minute appointments in their Luton office on 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th September.

The combination of entertaining children over the long six week school holiday, plus the entire family living in close quarters during a traditional two week summer holiday break inevitably creates a spike in relationship breakdowns, which can often lead to permanent breakdowns with separation for partners and divorce for married couples.

Sarah Kane, a Family Law specialist  at Pictons, who will be taking the appointments says “A lot of research has shown that separation and divorce rates rise after family holidays, especially post summer and Christmas breaks.

“Very often the close proximity of the couples during a holiday can bring to the fore any underlying cracks that are already in the relationship and instead of a joyous summer holiday with the children for some people it’s the final straw.

“Many people have high expectations of their treasured two week summer break but sadly it can also put extra stress and strain on a relationship. After all the anticipation and planning, the holiday can result in disappointment and unhappiness, leading to couples making that difficult decision that they would be better off apart.

“Our free 30 minute appointments will give people a chance to discuss their issues and concerns and discover what their options are. It may be that seeing a qualified Mediator will help both partners clarify their next steps and also help them to avoid the greater cost of going to a divorce court. It also gives them time to consider the implications of a split, for themselves, their children and also their finances. Discussing their concerns with a legal expert can really help people to see a way through what is usually a highly charged situation and it benefits everyone involved if this can be done amicably.”

To book your free 30 minute appointment please call Sarah or one of her team on 01582 870880 or email info@pictons.co.uk