Pictons Tring Office Supporting Rennie Grove Hospice Care – Make Your Will Month

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Pictons is delighted to be supporting the Rennie Grove Hospice Care ‘Make Your Will Month’ in February.

The scheme involves clients donating the fee for a Will written by Pictons to Rennie Grove Hospice Care. Clients are asked to make a minimum donation of £140 to the hospice for a single Will and £200 for ‘mirror Wills’ (largely identical Wills set up by couples).

Landmark life events – such as marriage, having children, divorce and retirement – are times when people often think about drafting or updating a Will.

However as Helena Theo at Pictons points out:

“It is surprising how quickly Wills can become out of date and it is well worth reviewing the content of Wills that have been written some time ago. The ‘Make Your Will Month’ scheme represents a great way of ensuring a Will is put in place, or is up to date and aiding an excellent cause in the process.”

Rennie Grove Hospice Care requires substantial public support to help reach a target of 85% of the funds needed by the hospice to provide its services.

The response to the Pictons involvement has been tremendous and all appointments for the month are now full. Some clients however, like to support the hospice and other worthy causes through provisions in their Will.

Clients interested in drafting or updating a Will should contact the Pictons team on 0800 302 9448 or via e-mail info@pictons.co.uk . Helena Theo can be contacted via e-mail Helena.Theo@pictons.co.uk

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For information about Rennie Grove Hospice Care see www.renniegrove.org