The Solicitor Apprentice – Grace’s Story

Apprenticeships date back to the 12th century in the UK but due to recent policy changes are proving to be an excellent choice for both employees and employers in the professions. Previously associated with engineering, crafts and guilds they now offer a very attractive choice for ambitious young professionals. Apprenticeships will again fall under the spotlight during National Apprenticeship Week which this year is 3-9 February.  One such apprentice is Grace Roe.

Grace is a Solicitor Apprentice with Pictons. She is at the early stages of 6 years of training that includes working for Pictons, four years of University degree study followed by two years devoted to the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).

Six years of committed professional training is not to be undertaken lightly but it’s something Grace knew she wanted to do.

“When I left the 6th form I knew I wanted to become a solicitor and six years of study and on the job training does not seem like a long time when you have a secure job, a supportive employer and good working environment.”

The Solicitor Apprenticeship scheme requires considerable commitment. Grace works at Pictons four days a week, has one day a week study time and allocates study time in the evenings and at weekends.

When discussing how she came to join Pictons she said:

“I spent some time at another law firm but found that my development was not as advanced as I wanted. I am from Luton and knew of Pictons as being one of the better more established firms in the area. Being a Luton Town supporter I also knew they had links with the club!”

“The best thing about Pictons is definitely the people in it. Despite being at the very early stages of my career I get to work alongside Partners, fee earners and support staff and have felt welcome from day one. I also enjoy being able to visit the other offices of the firm.”

Despite the demands of her training Grace very much enjoys festivals and travel with a visit to Ibiza (again) high on her agenda.



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