Pictons Supports Noah Enterprise With Corporate ‘Dustbin Drive’

Pictons is giving its support to the charity Noah Enterprise latest fundraising initiative, by encouraging its staff to bring in good quality items of clothing or bric a brac that they no longer want which can be sold in one of Noah Enterprise’s three stores in Luton and Bedford.

Noah Enterprise is using branded bins for the collections, which are in the reception of Pictons office in Luton. Sukh Saini, Managing Partner of Pictons says “ Noah Enterprise does fantastic work in Luton and we are more than happy to support them in this fund raising drive. Our staff are always so generous with charity initiatives and we’ve already collected several bins full of good quality items that can be re sold to make much needed money for the charity.”

NOAH Enterprise is a charity with Christian conviction which helps the most disadvantaged in the local community. Particularly, it is concerned with providing a practical, empowering and caring service to homeless people especially those who are temporary or entrenched rough sleepers, and those who are marginalised and socially excluded, or who may have simply fallen into poverty.

Warren Edwards, Head of Training and Employment at Noah Enterprise says “Our welfare service provides food, clothing, medical and dental care, we give outreach support and specific advice on accessing accommodation and income support for our clients. We also run training courses in basic and life skills and employable crafts, providing the opportunity for our people and others who are long term unemployed to gain work experience and training in employable skills.

“We are always looking at new and additional ways that we can raise funding to support the people we serve, particularly in light of the austerity cuts over the past few years that have affected everyone. We are so grateful to companies like Pictons who give us tremendous support. We are seeking to build similar partnerships with other local businesses who through their staff can support NOAH Enterprise by donating saleable items in the bins we provide. We are looking for good quality clothing for our charity shops, reusable furniture and white goods. It is a perfect recycling system as people who have unwanted quality goods can donate, these goods are recycled and restored and bought by people who often would not be able to buy new. The profits are then used to support our clients in our Welfare Centre, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

If you would like to support Noah Enterprise and have one of their bins in your company contact Warren on 01582 726152 or warren.edwards@noahenterprise.org